Argh!!! McDonald’s

When I went veggie and later vegan, I chose not to exclude food from places such as McDonald’s and other fast food chains as I a) like the food and b) sometimes need the convenience.  I often have to order a slightly modified vegetarian option i.e. no mayo etc.

Today my friend went to a McDonald’s drive through and I ordered a Spicy Veggie Wrap without mayo.  I am happy to report it came without mayo but unfortunately after I bit into it I discovered it came without the veggie patty too, it was chicken (I spat it out without swallowing any of it and my friend ate the rest).

At first I gave them the benefit of the doubt assuming it could have been a misunderstanding and they thought my friend ordered the chicken, but the receipt below clearly shows the veggie wrap.

So today ended my run of 334 days without having parts of a dead animal in my mouth, thanks McDonald’s.  I either need to inspect my food more carefully in future or just avoid McDonald’s.


Starbucks Falafel Panini

I had one of these today and it was really good, the salsa was tangy, just how I like it.


Falafel Panini
Spiced tomato salsa with crumbled falafel, tomatoes, spinach and coriander on a stonebaked, wholewheat ciabatta. Less than 5% fat, vegan and delicious!