All I want for my birthday is for you to go vegan

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Even if it is just for a day, not consuming animal products saves animals lives, that would be the best present ever.

Vegan Cupcakes at Bonchaz Bakery Cafe in Vancouver, BC by SweetOnVeg

From Beef to Leaf
So how does a meat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks guy go vegan; he watches this video. 

He then watches a load more including the film Earthlings narrated my Joaquin Phoenix.  The thing that turned me was not the horrific animal abuse though, it was the “humane” slaughter.  Watching as the animals were killed then strung up, skinned and turned into marketable meat made my stomach turn and I made the decision, if I can’t watch it then I can’t eat it.
I went vegetarian 4th September 2011 and then after seeing what goes on in our milk industry, I went vegan on 7th October 2011.

The Proposal

Now I know I can’t make everyone turn into vegans (I wish I could) but if instead of presents, money and cards my friends and family would eat vegan for a day, that would be great.

On my birthday in August this year, money I receive from anyone who does not take part will be donated to an animal/vegan charity of my choice and any presents will be sold and the money added to the donation.

All you have to do to give me the perfect birthday present this year is not eat meat, dairy or eggs for 1 day.  No cards please, they are such a waste to sit on a shelf for 1 day, how about a phone call, text or email (maybe with a pic of you and your vegan meal?)

I will be happy to try and answer any questions you have, please check out the posts here and the list of helpful sites below.

UPDATE 02/08/2012:  Here is the Google+ event with comments and pictures from friends and family taking part

Care Package

I just received an order from the Animal Aid Shop, it replaces some my my last toiletries with cruelty free ones (except hair wax/putty, anyone know any good cruelty free alternatives?).  I also got a vegan easter egg and some vegan chocolate bars, one is apparently like a Mars and the other a Milky Way, I will let you know.

I like the way they put a campaign leaflet and postcard at the top of the parcel, reminds us it’s not just about the choices we make when buying things, but we have to speak up too.

Update 29/02/2012:  Well it it did not take long for me to try one of the chocolate bars.  After some uming and arghing I went for the Buccaneer bar, well I had just argh’d (sorry, bad joke).

It has been years since I have had a Milky Way so I will have to try and share the next one with someone who has had them more recently, however I thought it tasted exactly like a Milky Way, delicious.