Vegan Quesadillas

I had an urge to try vegan quesadillas after seeing them on The Vegan Zombie (yes I like their videos).  I did not use tofu, I have had only limited success with it and I did not have any tofu anyway.

I went for a much simpler quesadilla, I fried the chopped red onion in some olive oil and then put some tomato purée on a tortilla, I put on the onions, vegan mozzarella and then another tortilla.  I then put the quesadilla in a non stick frying pan with no oil on a low heat, watch out they will burn easily.  I used a spatula to lift up the edges and keep an eye on the tortilla to make sure it was not burning, I also pressed down firmly now and then to make sure the two tortillas were sicking together thanks to the mozzarella.

They quesadillas were delicious and easy to make, I served them with some salsa.  These will definitely become a regular for me.  I would have had some guacamole but the avocados were not ripe enough, I know, rookie mistake.

Cooking the onions 
Vegan Mozzarella
Almost ready to cook, just needs another tortilla
Ready to cook 
Keep checking the bottom tortilla
Almost burnt it
Gotta love a large knife
Cut up and ready to eat with salsa


Care Package

I just received an order from the Animal Aid Shop, it replaces some my my last toiletries with cruelty free ones (except hair wax/putty, anyone know any good cruelty free alternatives?).  I also got a vegan easter egg and some vegan chocolate bars, one is apparently like a Mars and the other a Milky Way, I will let you know.

I like the way they put a campaign leaflet and postcard at the top of the parcel, reminds us it’s not just about the choices we make when buying things, but we have to speak up too.

Update 29/02/2012:  Well it it did not take long for me to try one of the chocolate bars.  After some uming and arghing I went for the Buccaneer bar, well I had just argh’d (sorry, bad joke).

It has been years since I have had a Milky Way so I will have to try and share the next one with someone who has had them more recently, however I thought it tasted exactly like a Milky Way, delicious.

PB&J: Peanut butter and jelly (jam for us in the UK)

PB&J bagel
For those in America PB&J is a normal thing but in the UK however I get some strange looks when I mention I love it.  
Why do I love it?  It’s simple, delicious and the jam sorts out the old peanut butter clogging your mouth issue.

Is it healthy?  Probably not if you eat too many foods high in fat, however I have cut back a lot and as part of a healthy vegan diet, the peanut butter is a good protein source.  Apparently it also helps curb your cravings by making you feel full (source link).

Just in case you do not know how to make it, check out the video below from the awesome Vegan Zombie.


Amazing how different my shopping looks these days.  I’m thinking tin of kidney beans and tin of chopped tomatoes, add peppers, mushrooms and fresh tomatoes, cook up with some spice then put in tortillas with salsa.

The oats are for breakfast and the chilli jam is just for awesomeness.

Bodo the bear

Today I befriended a bear, Bodo.  Bodo is an Asian black bear or moon bear, so named for the moon shaped marking on their chest.

Moon bears are kept in cramped cages and milked for their bile which is used as a traditional medicine, unfortunately to get to the bile they have to stick a large, usually unsterilised needle into the bear.  Many of the bears are missing limbs from the traps used to capture them and they can survive many years of this suffering.

Ricky Gervais supported a black bear named Stan who sadly died earlier this month.

So I went to the website for Animals Asia and and chose Befriend a Bear, I read through until I chose Bodo.

When you Befriend a Bear you get the below:

“By choosing to befriend a bear for yourself, family or friends, you will receive a photograph of your new friend in a uniquely designed “Befriend A Bear” display frame together with a “Befriending Certificate”, information on your bear’s unique character and a gorgeous, plush Moon Bear toy! This cute toy will be a great talking point, helping you to spread the word about the bears to your friends.” – From

A quick form and a PayPal payment and all done.  I look for to getting Bodo’s picture through, in the meantime I found this one at which is now the background wallpaper on my phone and tablet.


Eating Vegan at The Pilgrims Korai, Brentwoood, Essex, UK

I was in the mood for Indian, something I have not had since going vegan.  I went to the local and well loved Pilgrims Korai and said I may need a little help ordering as I am vegan.  The staff member quickly said, “So no meat, dairy or eggs” which was a very good start.  We went through the menu and picked out some things I wanted that were vegan, I went a bit nuts on the quantity so I am having Indian tomorrow too, not really a bad thing.

I went for vegetable dansak, coconut rice, bombay potatoes, paratha, popadoms and vegetable samosa.  They switched the mint sauce for mango chutney as the mint sauce is made with yogurt and I was going to order onion bhaji but they said they have egg in them.

For service, 5/5 and taste, the same again.  Dansak is definitely a new favourite of mine.

Dansak, bombay potatoes and coconut rice

Dansak, bombay potatoes and coconut rice

Vegetable samosa



Tootsie and her popadom crumbs

My eclectic YouTube playlist for tonight

I slowly build up a YouTube playlist by clicking “Watch Later” on interesting videos I find.  I now have a list I need to sit down to watch, I just thought for no good reason I can think of, I will share it.

So quite a lot regarding animal rights and veganism but also some fitness, TV and a bit of YouTube comedy.  Have any recommendations? Let me know in the comments section below.