Fry’s Vegan Burgers

I don’t know how but Fry’s vegan burgers look and taste like meat.  I will try and take a picture where you can see the “meat” next time but I ate it too quick.


And the arsehole of the day award goes to?

This is a shared reward to Ian Draper and son Danny Draper.  Let’s hope they don’t slip and fall on a shank in prison.  By don’t I mean do and by shank I mean sharp object or a large mans genitalia.

Day 7 as a Vegan

I posted my daily meals all this week as it was my first vegan week.  From now on I will post about food as an when I find something interesting to post about but be warned, what I find interesting and what your find interesting may differ greatly, sorry 😉



Vegan quiche and fries

Vegan raspberry ice cream, vegan chocolate mousse and freeze dried strawberry’s